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Sam Medeiros Joins PFC!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

ProStars welcomes Sam Medeiros as the head coach for the upcoming men's 2023 League1 season.

About League1O

League1 Ontario is the province of Ontario’s pro-am, standards-based senior league. Founded in 2014, the league launched with a ten-team men’s division, which has now grown to 22 teams in the Men’s Premier Division and a separate 20 team Women’s Premier division. When we include our Women's and Men's Reserve Divisions, League1 Ontario boasts a total of 118 teams for the 2022 season.

League1 Ontario serves as a stepping stone between the high-performance youth level and elite amateur and professional levels of the game in Canada's largest province. Our primary focus is to showcase and develop Canada’s future soccer stars, as well as providing an important platform for up-and-coming coaches and match officials to showcase themselves.

League1 Ontario is owned and managed by Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) and is sanctioned by FIFA through the domestic bodies of Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer. We are also proud partners of the new League1 Canada alliance.

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